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About Renata


Renata began her classical Pilates studies with Steve Giordano in New York 20 years ago and later was certified by Power Pilates. She also studied Body Movement Science with Giordano.

“From the first Pilates class I took, I was hooked. I started taking classes daily- I couldn't get enough! I saw and felt the great impact Pilates had on my body and mind. This is when I met Steve Giordano- watching his mastery in Pilates was mind blowing.

I soon started to work by his side for 5 years, he even customized my studio in New York and suggested that I get certified. Pilates helped me to connect with my body, to know my body, get stronger and pain free.

I think of Pilates as the fountain of youth- it keeps your body and spirit young.” Renata teaches Pilates in her private Studio to diverse clientele. She also works with the geriatric population, providing specialized instruction to meet their unique needs. Renata’s sessions focus on proper technique, alignment, anatomy and well being.

Renata’s Pilates studio is in the heart of San Diego, where she has recently moved from New York. For 15 years, her clients from New York and Prague trust her to help them get stronger and function better with less pain.